Dr. Jurgen Lange and his azc Aquarium Zoo Consulting work as biological and technical consultants for architects, designers and zoo people, who design and construct new public aquariums and new zoos or special animal enclosures and animal houses in a zoo. - The consultation is focussed on biological and technical aspects of animal husbandry.
In 2011 Motofumi Tai joined azc as its Japanese representative. This was the kick-off for a brand new project, the Project Otter, which is a breeding and nature conservation programme and also the base for a closer co-operation between zoos in Japan and Europe.

Dr. Jurgen Lange is a biologist and worked for almost 40 years as Curator in the Zoological-Botanical Garden Wilhelma Stuttgart, as General Curator at the Zoo-Aquarium Berlin and at least and not last as CEO of the Zoological Garden Berlin AG with its 3 institutions: Zoo Berlin, Zoo-Aquarium Berlin and Tierpark Berlin.
He is a founding member of EUAC (European Union of Aquarium Curators) and for many years president of this organisation as well as a member of VDZ (German Zoo Association), of the Steering Committee of the IAF (International Aquarium Forum) and of the IAC (International Aquarium Congress: 2008 Shanghai, 2012 Cape Town). Besides he was for many years a member of the Advisory Board for L'Oceanogràphic of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia/Spain and of the Consiglio Scientifico of the Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' in Naples/Italy.
Since more than 20 years he works also as consultant for the construction and management of other zoos and aquariums.

Motofumi Tai, a famous Japanese animal photographer, is the editor and publisher of two magazines. The monthly magazine “Animal Kingdom” features individual zoos and aquariums, whereas the quarterly magazine “Zoos and Aquariums” is focused on various topics related to Japanese zoos and aquariums and their connection to the society. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Waseda University he began his career in the advertising industry and developed there his skills. He established Momose Design as part of Momose Corporation, which was founded by his late grandfather Kazuo Momose. During the last years Motofumi Tai designed and produced advertisements and goods for zoos and aquariums, and introduced a new set of values for which he has highly esteemed in Japan and abroad. As publisher he has created the both zoo magazines, as well as quarterly and annual reports for different individual zoos. As a lover of animals and zoos he is always travelling to zoos and aquariums all over the world and taking photographs of animals. His intention is it always to improve the co-operation between zoos and aquariums worldwide and by his photos and articles he wants to raise the public awareness for the environment and for the conservation of nature and habitats.

The collaboration between Jurgen Lange and Motofumi Tai is mainly focused on further intercontinental breeding and nature conservation programmes and on publications about animal husbandry in zoos and aquariums. They are convinced that in the future a close cooperation between zoos even on an intercontinental base is the condition for a successful husbandry and presentation of animals. They hope to support and improve by their work the public understanding of the value of zoos and aquariums. Besides it is their intention to increase on a long term the sustainability of zoos and aquariums.

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azc offers you consultation for any aspects in construction and design of new zoos and aquariums. The 40 years long experience in animal husbandry and zoo/aquarium management guarantees an answer for almost all husbandry questions.

azc works together with professionals all over the world and can offer many international contacts.

The Japanese branch of azc is the founder of the brand new project, a breeding and nature conservation programme. This programme´is organised by this Japanese branch and will be in the future the base for a closer co-operation between the zoos in Japan and Europe. We will report about it here at our official website very soon.

If you are interested and see a chance for a soon co-operation, please contact us.

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